We at SINGA LOTTO is committed to be the only Live 4 Digit numbers game provider in Thailand. We will be live streaming our lottery machine from a casino building, locating at Thailand. Our lottery machines will be locating at the central of our casino lobby, and it’s transparent to the public in ensure our gaming responsibilities.

So, everyone, with or without internet or smartphone can live preview our result from the machine. With the continuously development of information and technology, we have been taken the advantages in modernizing the convention type of lottery business in more innovative way, as well as to meet the higher demand of entertainment from our players.

Our Vision:
A world-class Internet streaming Numbers Forecast Totalizator provider in Asia.

Our Mission:
We’re providing safe, modern, and transparent lottery business.

Granted the license to operate gaming tables, slot machines, and online gaming activates
Live streaming of lottery drawing everyday.
Live streaming of lottery drawing everyday.
Live streaming of lottery drawing everyday.

Localization Strategy

In order to serve our clients better, SINGA LOTTO strives to build its own dedicated local business and technical team across ASIA countries. Localization of business model has always been the top priority for lottery business, hence we are providing full customization products and technical requirements that best suits your existing business!

Apart from this, we also provide the most localized payment channel to facilitate your business credit and user winning payment.

Currently, we have established 4 local teams segregated in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Taking this opportunity, we thank you for showing your interest in SINGA Lottery. For further questions pertaining to our organizations and products, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the appropriate contacts information.