In daily basis, we’re giving FREE Jackpot for every USD1 purchase of our 4D game, while now giving you another greater weeekly 6+1D SINGA JACKPOT for FREE if you have any game receipt, regardless any product or game type. With our SINGA JACKPOT, now you can accumulate your weekly spending and stand a chance to strike for our weekly bonus on every Sunday!. Any purchase of USD3 (RM12 / THB90 / IDR42,000) with Any of SINGA LOTTO game in a single receipt, and now you can stand a chance to win at least USD50,000 every week for FREE only at SINGA LOTTO! We will randomly assign you a 7 digit Lucky numbers for every USD3 worth in a single receipt. Imagine you can now spend even more dynamic than ever, with no limit for any product or game type, but still qualify for our most exceptional ‘One to One’ Jackpot. And you can still win our consolation prize of USD3,000 if strike the last 6 digit of our 6+1D result.




As the leader of Asian Lottery leader, we are committed to deliver the most excitement to our users. Your everyday investment will gain our daily surprise, while you weekly accumulated investment will stand another bigger chances to strike another bigger surprise.

So what’s the different between our Daily and Weekly Bonus at SINGA LOTTO? Below are the comparison table for our users to understand in more details:


Every Sunday will be closing date for all the lucky numbers given in the past 7 days, and we will draw an additional number at the end of our 6D drawing to form the 6+1D result! So, don’t throw away your receipt before Sunday draw, as every receipt maybe the ticket to be a newly born Millionaire~ Dream Come True!